Parenting is a tough but rewarding job, and for those who have newly acquired the status of parents there is nothing more important than having people share in their joy and struggles. Now, you could be the carefree uncle or the loving aunt, but the question is what gift will you be presenting to the baby other than your unconditional love?

Baby gift boxes are a good place to start as they are fun to arrange, can be customized to suit your personal touches and the needs of the baby and most importantly they help parents out a lot who now have all they need via gifts.

stuffed animals

But deciding upon a gift box is not at all easy, and we are here to present you with five doable baby gift box ideas for the brand-new happy family. It largely depends on what kind of gift you feel like giving, whether it’s got a theme or not and how much of it is for the parents and for the baby. We are trying to appease everybody with this list.

  1. A stuffed animal basket: This is perhaps the most traditional and quintessential of gift boxes ever. From teddy bears to unicorns, every kid requires cute and cuddly stuffed animals that will accompany them in the cot when they sleep. Who knows, one of these toys could become their childhood treasure when they grow up. It’s a failsafe solution for everyone.
  2. A cloth basket: Now toys are essential for childhood and playing around, but what kids really need is an endless supply of all sorts of clothes. Throw in some t-shirts, pants, some shorts, a lot of bibs and even some diapers. Add a few pyjamas, onesies and caps as well. This basket is as much for the baby as it is for the parents.
  3. Themed Gift Box: For baby girls, you can design a Disney-princess themed box with all things glittery, colourful yet practical. Add a tiara with a beautiful frock, nice shoes and the whole range of accessories for little kids. For boys, get a rocket ship or a car to hold other toys such as dinky cars, blocks and commando shorts.
  4. Customized Gift Box: Add in some baby powder, baby lotion, baby wipes and a few precious little towels. A photo frame or even an album for parents to put the pictures of their baby in and a few stuffed toys. You can have the baby’s name engraved on a bathrobe, or give a music box. Basically this is a one-in-all kind of baby gift box that can have as many things as you like.
  5. A Practical Gift Box: No, we are not recommending you present the toddler with the food factory. For upcoming times, pack up a few creative story books, a few colourful items, some crayons or paints or even The Jungle Book. Pack some bottles, feeding cups and baby shoes. Basically, think of all the things that the baby will use and box it to make a useful and handy gift box.