Life gets interesting after women attain motherhood, and with children comes a lot of responsibility. Mothers may see their children as a bundle of joy that deserve all the good things in the world, but mommies also deserve a lot more than just words of appreciation.

They need to be coddled, pampered and showered with gifts with just as much thoughtfulness, if not the same consistency. Here are our 7 gift ideas for mommies that will blow them away and definitely make them feel good.


  1. A food and gourmet gift basket: Now this is the kind of treat mothers will appreciate more than you can imagine. Food and delicacies are how we bond as a society and mommies often overburden themselves with the task of cooking for entire households. One very touching gift for mommies is a basket filled with treats they love including Swiss chocolates, their favourite pastries, snacks and gourmet. Give them all the chocolaty, creamy and saucy treats you can that they can take out on a picnic or sit with in the kitchen to enjoy.
  2. Fashionable Clothes: Get them a trendy floaty top or those khakis that are in right now. For many mothers maintaining their figures is a tough job. Between taking care of the family and doing all the chores, there is very little time to take care of the way they look and that is reflected in wrinkly clothes. This is where you can step in and gift them clothes that flatter their body shapes. Go for vibrant colours that are attractive and comfortable at the same time which can be worn on night outs with friends. Even a cosy and comfy sweatshirt that is trendy will work.
  3. Wine: This is perhaps the most overlooked gifts of all, especially for new mommies. After abstaining for so long from alcohol, they certainly crave and deserve their favourite wine. Get them a few bottles that they can pop open on occasions or just when they want to be celebrating alone.
  4. Designer Bags or Clutch: Moms typically have to carry humongous bags where they have half the household items in it. Many times they can be seen struggling with finding things rather than focusing on how they look. Give them a respite from looking like fashion outcasts and gift them a plush designer bag with enough room to carry essentials. If you are really looking to impress them give them a stylish clutch purse for the times when they want to feel more like women and less like mothers.
  5. Customized Necklace: When talking about making a woman, especially mommies’ feel special, there is no gift better than jewellery. The best way to do this is get a customized necklace with their names engraved in them or an opening locket in which they can carry pictures of those closest to them.
  6. A Spa and Scrub Day: Relaxation is another unique gift you absolutely must give to a mother. With days spent working and stressing so hard, it is ultimate bliss to be given a full day to treating their skin and hair and getting massaged and pampered.
  7. House cleaning: To add a sentimental note to our list, we recommend the priceless gift you can give to a mommy is a day of rest where you take up the cleaning duty for the entire house while she sits and enjoys some wine.